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    Mrs. Baloga
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    Grade (s): 9th-12th
    Subject (s):
    American History
    U.S. Government
    Welcome! Within this course we will be studying all aspect of the United States Government. We will start out the semester discussing our political heritage and how we obtained our independence. We will then move on to how Political Parties work and voter requirement of elections. We will discuss how mass media can influence public opinion and how America deals with foreign policy. We will conclude the course by discussing Civil Liberties and Civil Rights and how Americans finally became equal under the law.  
    Within this course, we will be studying both micro and macro forms of economics. We will be focusing on an array of topics including but not limited to: Economic Systems, Supply and Demand, Business Organizations, Labor, Money and Banking, Gross Domestic Products, and Economic Challenges. One major aspect of this includes students being responsible for creating and in depth Business Plan and will be responsible for creating their very own business expo that they will display to the school.  
    Civics/American Studies I
    Welcome! In this course we will be studying both Civics and Early American Colonization. Student will analyze the culture of early Americans including Native Americans, Europeans, and West Africans. Students will also study how our American government was established. We will discuss major wars such as the French and Indian and the American Revolution. We will examine important documents such as the Magna Carta, Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation, and The United States Constitution. We will end the semester with discussions on the Industrial Revolution and how it transformed America both economically and socially. 
    American Studies II
    In this course, students will be responsible for studying American History between the years 1865-1941. The course will start with the era post Civil War and will work its way through the Depression, concluding right before the start of WWII. We will discuss major events throughout the Gilded Age, the Progressive Era, WWI, and the Depression. We will focus on all aspects of American History, including African American History, Native American History, Mexican American History, and European American History.
    American Studies III
    In this course, students will be responsible for studying American History between the years 1931- Present Day. Students will begin the course by learning about the major events of WWII and the major repercussions.  Students will then analyze the Cold War and how it affected Democracy throughout the world. Students will then focus their attention on such events as the Civil Rights Movement, Vietnam, and other major protests that occurred in recent history. Students will then conclude the class by discussing major current events that are occurring in the United States today.