Class Rules For Miss Zalenski's Class
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    All students are required to:
    1.)  Be prepared for class.  All students must have a pen or pencil,
          text book, notebook (2), and homework for every class period.
          Homework is checked daily.

    2.)  Be on time.  Any student who is late must have a late slip. *No
          student will be allowed to go to his/her locker once class begins.
    3.)  Be respectful at all times.  Disrespect will not be tolerated.

    4.)  Be in your assigned seat.  No walking around the room when
          class begins.
    5.)  Raise your hand and wait to be called on.  Calling out will not be
    6.)  Electronic devices are not allowed.  If they are seen, they are
          taken, regardless of whether you are using it.
    7.)  It is the student's responsibility to get any missed work.  Missed/Incomplete work due to sleeping in class will        result in a zero for that assignment.
    8.)  Please make sure your name is on all of your paperwork or points (5) will be deducted. 
    9.)  The district discipline policy will be followed.  The first offense is
           a verbal warning and the next 2 offenses will be a phone call to
           a parent. The 4th offense will result in the discipline form  
            being sent to the office.