Classroom Procedures for
    Melanie Cunningham
    Art at HEMS

    Little Arrow A sketchbook is given every time the class meets.It lasts for the first 5 minutes of art class.Students are expected to be quiet during this time.
    Little Arrow Students will work on a art project for most of the time.
    Little Arrow The last 5 minutes of class are reserved for students to clean-up.
    Little Arrow Students are expected to follow the rules throughout art time. Failure to do this will result in a time out,written assignment, or trip to the office. The student is given three chances before action will be taken.
    Little Arrow Students are expected to bring a pencil, eraser, and a sketchbook to each class.


    Little Arrow Rules: Respect everyone and everything in the class.
                     No talking when the teacher is talking, during 
                     sketchbook time, or when someone is answering or
                     asking a question. Please raise your hand to contribute.
                     No Rolling your seat.
                      Safety first.Act in a safe manner.
                     Clean up your space.
                     No throwing, shouting, weird noises of any kind, or whistling.
                     Stay in your seat. Whisper while you work.
                     No Bullying. Say Nice things.
                     Think: Is it thoughtful, helpful, important necessary, kind.
                     Put your name on everything. No name, no fame.
                  Most importantly, Do your Personal Best!
    no bullying zone
    *** Please DO NOT bring scissors to school, but other materials are encouraged. If you are unsure, ask me before you bring the supply to school. Please also label your supplies so they can be returned to you if they get mixed in with the schools.