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    Meet the teacher

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    What is a sketchbook

    Materials you will need for Art

    Art Schedule 2020

    Where can I find Art Supplies

    Art Room Rules 2020

     Virtual Expectations




    Artsonia Uploading Video 

    This video will show you how to log on as a student, how to upload artwork, where class tutorials are located in Artsonia and on my web page, and where project examples are located (Below). Access Code ( XSSR-JHMR)



    Project examples 2020 and 2021:

    klee  Paul Klee City Scape

    Picasso Portrait 4th grade picasso

    Hockney  David Hockney Landscape

    Doodle Line Design 6th Grade Project doodle

    mirukami  Takashi Mirukami Flowers

      Ice Cream 6th Grade Project ice cream

    mat  Matisse Fish Bowl 3rd Grade Project

     Kandinsky Concentric circles and squares      kand

     sphere  How to draw a Sphere 6th Grade Project

    Cactus Marker painting 5th Grade Project Cactus

    yayaoi1   yayaoi2

    Yayaoi Kusama Pumpkins 5th Grade

    opt  Optical Illusion (all Grades-Extra Credit)

    Juan Miro Project Examplemiro

     tree  Gustav Klimpt Tree of Life Example

    Van Gogh Starry Pumpkins examplestarry

    piet1   piet2

    Piet Mondrian Examples (Part 1 and Part 2)

    lois  Lois Mailou Jones example

    School Spirit Mask Examples

    maskbeard   maskkandinsky   maskdragon

    maskhems   maskmondrian

    Picasso Witch Project example wich

    el  El Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) project

    cupcake  Wayne Theibauld 100 year Birthday Cupcake project

     Mondrian Turkey project mondrianturkey

     peacock  Indian Inspired Peacock project

    turkey  Thanksgiving Pattern Turkey Project

                              George Rodrigue Blue Dog project dog

    globe   Snowglobe 3rd and 4th grade project

    elf  Elf on the Shelf 5th grade project

      Merry Grinchmas 3rd grade project hand

    grinch  Mr Grinch 6th Grade Project

    nut   Nutcracker example

    snow1   snow2

    Snowman Project Examples

     Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer Example rud


    The Night Before Christmas Sleeping Puppy Example

    santa   Santa Moon Example

    bud   adbud

    Buddy the Elf 4th Grade Example and Advanced Buddy the Elf Examples

        Penguins love Color examplepenguin

    Cozy Polar Bear example  polarbear

    umbrella  Color Wheel Umbrella example

     Chinese New Year Dragon Examplechinese

    Chinese Lion Examplechlion

    tes M.C. Escher Example

    Alma Thomas Heart Exampleal

    Alma Thomas sun Example Alma1  

    roboat   ro1

    Robots and Donuts Examples

    Jim Dine Examplejim

    One Fish Exampleonefish

    cat Cat in the Hat example

    Lorax Examplel

    catfish Cat in the Hat's Fish example

    Horton Exampleho

    f Value and Forms example

    Among us Color wheelsau  a

    pen Penguins Love Color Color Wheels Examples

    Valentine Gnome Examplegnome

    mon Valentine Monster Example

    Emoji Examplee

    Conversation Heart Examplecon

    bm Brianna McCarthy Example

    Monet Waterlillies Examplemon

    b Jean-Michel Basquiat Example

    Faith Ringgold Examplefaith

    Robert Indiana Exampleslo  ho



    mandela  Mandela Color Wheel Example

    Jen Stark Example j

    i  p

    Positive and Negative Space (Ice Cream and Popsicles) Examples

    d  Diego Rivera Example

    Magrite example m

    b  Albrecht Durer Bunny example

    American Folk Art Flower example a

     Folk Art Landscape example land

    r  Rousseau's Jungle example

    Jeff Koon's Example k

    h  The Great Wave example

    Warm color sun/cool color moon example     s  

    s  Sunset Tree Example

    Lichtenstien  Pop Art Example l

    w  Andy Warhol Pop Art Example

    Chagall Example c

    d  Da Vinci Perspective Road Example

      James Rizzi Cityscape example  s  

    da  Salvadore Dali example

    Georgia O'Keefe Close Up Flower example o

     St. Patrick's Day Examples

    l  s

    Pi Day Examplespi  pi2

     Transfer in Math exampleh