• Week of: May 4th - May 9th 2020

    Teachers Name/ Subject:      Mr. Scott Campbell                                                                                           

    6th Grade:             ENGLISH/Grammar & Spelling                          

    Teacher’s Email:         campbells@hasdk12.org

    Teacher Message: 

    Hello 6th grade! Together we will adapt to the changes in learning becasue I know you can do it!  Your participation is greatly appreciated during this online instruction.


    Please continue to email your FLASHDRAFTS to me each day.  I really enjoy reading them. campbells@hasdk12.org

    Mon:  What are some things you're good at? Can you see yourself doing this as a career?

    Tues:  What are some questions you want answered?  Why this or Why that?

    Wed:  What are some things that you miss right now?  You don't know what you've got till it's gone!

    Thurs:  Describe your parents' most important or repeated message to you.  Which one are you most tired of hearing?

    Friday:  Talk about the tasks or chores that you constantly procrastinate doing while you've been home.


    STEPS to be SUCCESSFUL:   

    Begin by watching the Main VIDEO Lesson(s).  Then watch the Supplemental Video.

    Next, complete your assignments (#1-#3) in your ENG notebook or Spelling PB.   

    Finally, Assignment #4 is to be completed in Skyward.  Complete the assignments in each ENGLISH and SPELLING for the week by Saturday.

    I am here whenever you need help!  You can email me with any questions. 


    This week we will focus our learning on ADJECTIVES.


    Learning Objectives for the week:

    All students will be able to correctly identify Adjectives from a given set of sentences.

    Standards Addressed: 

    Week 1:  CC.1.4.6.L

    Demonstrate a grade-appropriate command of the conventions of standard English grammar, usage, capitalization, punctuation, and spelling.


    View Video Lesson Here:


    Video Lesson for Adjectives                               Video Lesson for Spelling 3.3           



    Supplemental Video Lesson 


    Click on each assignment and complete by the end of this week.



         6C                 6CM               6M                 6S

    Assignment #1            Assignment #1            Assignment #1            Assignment #1 

    Assignment #2            Assignment #2            Assignment #2            Assignment #2 

    Assignment #3            Assignment #3            Assignment #3            Assignment #3

    Assignment #4            Assignment #4            Assignment #4            Assignment #4  




    Click here to Log into Imagine Learning/Reading: (40 Minutes per week)”

    Use Google Chrome browser.  Enter Student User name and Student Number (Lunch Card #).  Email me if you have forgotten these codes.


    Extra Practice:

    Use these websites for additional practice/differeniated learning.  Click HERE. or Quizlet for Spelling


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