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    Online Instruction

    Subject: Science 8th grade

    Class Period(s): Periods 1-8

    Teacher Message:

         Another new adventure awaits us! We will be working with "Microsoft Teams"...Each "team" will be your subject areas.  You will need to follow your schedule (located in skyward) and be in that team at that time.  Attendance and lessons will occur at that time.  If you miss your time, they will be recorded so that students/parents can view them at a later time.  Assignments MUST be handed in on time.  I will try to make it that my assignments are due either the next day, or later...depending on the amount I give you at once.  The assignments (notes, homework, classwork, quizzes, tests) will have due date on them...you can turn them in before the due dates, BUT not after.  The program is time sensitive and I can only do so much. (More details on "Microsoft Teams" located in my homework page.)









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