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    Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the students of HEMS have missed many programs, activities, trips, award ceremonies and our farewell dance.  Our 8th grade graduates have missed celebrating the end of their journey at HEMS.  In lieu of these events, the PTA is purchasing yearbooks for the entire 8th grade class. We know this does not replace the experience of these events, but we hope you accept this gift and reflect upon your time at “The Castle.” We wish you all well as you begin your journey to high school.  We know you will all do amazing things!

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    Lessons will be posted weekly. You may complete the lessons at any time throughout the week.

    Online Instruction

    Subject: Science 8th grade

    Class Period(s): Periods 2-9

    Teacher Message:

    Another new adventure awaits us!  All 8th grade teachers have set up a course for all 8th graders throughout the district.  Students should be working at least 2 hours per subject per week.  If you wish/can do more, you may.  These assignments will be graded as a participation grade.  Please click on the "Edguenity" Icon below.  Log in using your school's user name and pass work.  You need to do the introduction part before moving on to the courses.  If you have any questions, let me know.


    Weekly Objective(s):

    Week 1: Explore the Edgenuity.  Sign in and out.  Explore some courses.

    Week 2: Describe the results of Mendel's experiments and identify what controls the inheritance of traits in organisms.

    Week 3: Describe the role chromosomes play ininheritance, identify the events that occur during meiosis and explain the relationship between chromosomes and genes.

    Week 4: Define probability and describe how it helps explain the results of genetic crossses.  Explain what is meant by genotype and phenotype and tell what codominance is.

    Week 5: Describe important observations Darwin made on his voyage, state the hypothesis Darwin made to explain differences between similar species and explain how natural selection leads to evolution.



    Week 1: None

    Week 2:  S8.B.2.2.2Recognize that the gene is the basic unit of inheritance, that there are dominant and recessive genese, and that traits are inherited.  S8.B.2.2.1Identify and explain differences between inherited and acquired trains.

    Week 3: S.7.B.2.2.: Identify and explain differences beween inherited and acquired traits.  S.7.B.2.2.2: Recognize evidence that the gene is the basic unit of inheritance and explain the effect of dominant and recessive genes on inherited traits.

    Week 4: S8.B.2.2.1: Identify and explain differences between inherited and acquired traits.  S8.B.2.2.: Recognize that the gene is the basic nit of inheritance, that there are dominant and recesive gens, and that traits are inherited.

    Week 5: S8.B.2.1.1: Explain ho winherited structures or behaviors help organisms survive and reproduce in different environments.  S8.B.2.1.: Explain how different adaptations in individuals of the same species may affect survivability or reproduction success.


     Week 1:  Log in to Edguenuity and view video and try an assignement. 

    Week 2:  Watch Video: What are Traits?          

                    Alleles and Genes (This website has multiple videos and worksheets.  All I am asking of you is to watch the videos.  If you chose to, you may do the worksheets, but I'm not checking them.  If you chose to do the worksheets and don't understand how, I will help you, but I'm not grading them.)

    Week 3: Watch Video: What are DNA and Genes?       Introduction to Heredity (Same statement as above)

    Week 4: Watch Video: Punnett Squares   (Same statements as above).

    Week 5: Watch Video: Same Gene, Different Organism


    Week1: (May 4-9): Review

    Week 2: (May 11 - 15): Genetic Code

    Week 3: (May 18 - 22): Introduction to Heredity

    Week 4: (May 26 - 29): Predicting Heredity

    Week 5: (June 1 - 5): Theory of Evolution

                Click on the Edgenuity logo or Edgenuity Student Login link below to login and access the lessons for this week. 


     Edgenuity Student Login



    Independent Practice and Additional Resources:


     Cell Structure - Take notes for yourselves (I am not going to see your notes...they are for you).


    Assignments and Assessments:

      Mobymax is optional.

    Assignments on skyward optional

    Zoom meeting are optional



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