• Week of June 2nd, 2020

    Computer Literacy-Ms. Shuliga   Hello to the Castle, Heights, Maple, and McAdoo  Please complete all online lessons

    Teacher's Email: shuligal@hasdk12.org

    Teacher Message: Hello everyone! I can not believe the school year is coming to a close. This was not the 4th quarter instruction I or you imagined, but we did our best and we SURVIVED.  This week's lesson we will be creating a calendar in Ms. Word. This is a review for most of you. You may use templates or you may design your own. You may use the same formatting tools covered in class.  If you donot have access to a computer, you may draw a calendar  and add your information. Please see Skyward for instructions.

    Please continue working on your Keyboarding lessons. Keyboarding is a life long skill!  



    Learning Objectives: Students will use formatting tools and templates to create a calendar.

    Standards: 15.4.8.K Create a multimedia project student created digital media

                                       Please click on the following links for directions and examples

                      Create a calendar in Microsoft Word tutorial

                      Create a calendar in Microsoft Word Advanced tutorial

                      Add all your important dates to your completed calendar: birthdays, vacation days, doctor appointments, holidays, 

                      graduation parties, shopping outings, keep track of the latest book release by your favorite author, or favorite actor in                    their latest blockbuster movie, or new music from a musician. Add any formatting to enhance your calendar.   






    Do your best and you may add as many formatting featurers as you wish.