• Important Information


    All of my Social Studies and Science classes:

    We have been doing these things since the beginning of the year, so by now we should ALL understand instructions that are given in class or written in on the homework page.


    1. It is YOUR responsibility, especially if you are absent or miss class, to check my Web Page for class assignments, homework, quizzes, test, and announcements.
    2. Tests, Quizzes, or Assignments MUST be made up in a timly mannor.
    3.  If you are not able to complete something or have questions please email me ASAP.
    4. My webpage at hasdk12.org contains the book pages (that we read in class), notes, vocabulary, study guides, classwork, and homework. If you missed class or need to revisit something, please check my webpage.
    5. Any questions please email me at ciavarellaa@hasdk12.org.