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    Mr. Bugda
    Drums Middle School
    Room 216
    (570) 459-3111 ext. 20500

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    Hello Parents and Students,

    I am Michael Bugda, I will be your (student’s) 8th grade math teacher. Some of you may know me from siblings or other children, others may be new to my classroom, regardless I would like to welcome you to virtual room 216 and I would like to let you know how excited I am to begin this new journey with you!

    Some of you may be feeling some stress about the upcoming start to school, I feel it too, but we will navigate this together and we will learn together.

    There are a few things that I would like to share with you before school begins. The best way to contact me is through my email, you can always call the school and I will return you call as soon as I can, or you can send me a message on Microsoft Teams.


    570-459-3111 ext 20500

    You have received a book that we will be working out of, that book comes with an online component and interactive lessons and assignments. We will also be using Study Island, Khan Academy and many other online resources. However, we will be utilizing Microsoft Teams as our primary educational online platform. You may be unfamiliar with Teams, and you may feel overwhelmed at first, however, Teams will provide you or your student a single educational space to access all of your (their) classes, materials, teachers, video lessons, notes, and virtual meetings. I understand the first few weeks may be daunting, but, it will get better, I will get better, we will get better!

    When you or your student logs into Teams they will see all of their classes set up by the Period, Subject and Teacher Name, all they will need to do is click on the class period they should be in at that time, and there will be opportunities for them to have direct live instruction, presentations of material, a list of assignments, when that period is over, they simply click on the next class period they would normally go to. For example, if you or your student’s schedule says that they have Math 1st period, Science 2nd period and Language Arts 3rd period, etc.

    8:05am – login to Teams and click on Math 1st period (periods are approximately 50 minutes long) you will go through your math class with your teacher, you will have live instruction, time to work on your assignments and have the ability to ask questions and get any help you need.

    8:55am – THERE IS NO BELL – you will leave your math class, as prompted by your teacher and click on your 2nd period class which in this case is Science

    You will go through your day as if you were walking the halls, you will have specials and lunch built into your schedule.

    I know you may get confused, trust me, so will I, but as I have said before, by the end of the week, you will know where you are going, how to get there, and what your expectations are.

    I have attached instructions on how to access Microsoft Teams, a bell schedule, some general expectations for online instruction, and some tips for distance learning. I look at this as an opportunity for me to become a better teacher and you to become a better independent learner.  Remember, we may struggle at first, we may be worried at first, we may have technical difficulties at first, but I promise you, it will get better and we will learn together, get better together and have a great year together. Class starts at 8:00am on Tuesday September 8th, see you then!


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