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    Mrs. Renee Wetterau
    Email: wetteraur@hasdk12.org
    (570) 459-3221 ext.20500
    Grade (s): Fourth
    Subject (s):Social Studies and Science/ Reading
    Welcome to Fourth grade!!!!
    My name is Renee Wetterau and I will be teaching your child fourth grade Science and Social Studies to 4W and 4 M, and Reading to my homeroom (4W) at Drums Elementary/Middle School. 
    It will be an exciting year for the children and myself.  I find that each new school year is a learning experience for us all.   I am happy to be a part of  the Drums family.
    Parental involvement is critical to student achievement, so please feel free to contact me with questions, concerns, and ideas that you can contribute.  Please refer to the classroom procedures page for important classroom information.
    Parent Instructions for Teams (Please click here to watch a video for parents on the teams procedure.)
     teams direction
       Posted above are the step by step instructions on how the students will log into TEAM.   If you are unable to log in on any day, please contact me through email or Dojo. 


    8:50- 9:05 - Homeroom

    9:06- 9:46 - 1st Period (Wetterau homeroom reading)

    9:47- 10:27- 2nd Period (Wetterau homeroom Reading) 

    10:29- 11:09 - 3rd Period (Wetterau Science /Social Studies)


    11:10- 11:50 - 4th Period (Wetterau Science/ Social Studies)

    11:55- 12:25 - 5th Period (Lunch)

    12:33- 1:13 - 6th Period (Math-  with Mallets)

    1:15- 1:55 - 7th Period (Math- with Mallets)

    1:57- 2:37 - 8th Period (Wetterau-English)

    2:38 3:18 - 9th Period (Wetterau-English)

     Specials Schedule for Mrs. Wetterau's homeroom:
    Monday: Health 10:29-11:09
    Tuesday:    Gym  1:15 - 1:54
    Wedne:sday: Art  9:06- 9:46
    Thursday: Music 2:38-3:18
    Friday: Art  10:29-11:09