• WELCOME to Third Grade.  Thank you for visiting my website.  Hopefully,  the following information will give you a jump start on preparing for our year together:

         This will be your child's first year switching classes.  A locker will be provided to keep school materials organized, along with a backpack, jacket, and lunch bag.  Students will have the opportunity to have a mid-morning snack.  Please provide a snack for your child.  The Third grade teachers would like to provide you with a suggested list of items that your child will need for this year. We want to encourage organizational skills from the beginning of the year.  It will be a work in progress making this transition to third grade. Thank you for your support!!

    Suggested Items for Third Grade:

    1. Four composition notebooks (please label):                                                                                                    


    *Social Studies 

    *Language Arts/Reading



    2. Four Folders for each subject (please label): 


    *Social Studies/Science

    *Language Arts/Reading


    3. Pencils or mechanical pencils  with a handheld manual sharpener  

    (OPTIONAL--Mrs. Bernstein's classes are allowed to use erasable colorful pens) 


    4.  Headphones or earbuds (please label)


    **No binders please!!!

    ***We will provide a planner and a pencil pouch. Please initial the planner each night to encourage communication.  Your child will need to bring this planner to each class every day to write down assignments or important reminders. It will act as the primary communication tool between teachers, parents, and students.

    Please sign the planner every night.  

    A Happy Successful class with Mrs. Bernstein will result with a STICKER in the planner!!

     Any questions, please feel free to email or message on DoJo


    From the Third grade teachers:

    Mrs. Bernstein (3B)  

    Mrs. Bonomo (3BN)

    Mrs. Cook (3C)