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    Crash Vocabulary Chapter 6-12

    1. bulged: stuck out, appeared swollen, protruded
    2. vegetarians: people who omit meat, fish, and poultry from their diets
    3. clamped: held tightly together; fasten
    4. consume: to eat or drink; to use up
    5. infantry: foot soldiers
    6. Amish: a religious group of people known for simple living and plain clothes who don’t use technology
    7. wincey: flinching
    8. pestering:  constant bothering
    9. baton: rod a conductor uses to direct an orchestra or band
    10. scrimmage: a practice game
    11. looney: crazy or silly


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    Crash Vocabulary Chapter 12-17

    1. looney: crazy or silly
    2. blabber: to talk too much
    3. gender: male or female
    4. torment: to cause great pain or suffering
    5. dispensers: machines or containers holding money, drinks, paper towels, etc. that you can obtain quickly by pulling a handle or pressing buttons.
    6. forfeit: to give up or surrender
    7. devour: to eat up hungrily or quickly
    8. rifleman: a soldier armed with a rifle
    9. sputter: to speak in a hasty or confused fashion; stammer; to spit out in short bursts

    10. mussed: to mess up or make untidy


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