• Classroom Procedures for
    Mrs. Steber
    Welcome to 6th Grade!

     Important Information

    All Students should come to class prepared. Students are expected to bring their materials to class each day: Textbook, notebook, folder, planner, silent reading book, and pencils.
    Students are required to have a silent reading book everyday. This may be a book from home, a library book, or one borrowed from the classroom library.
    Homework assignments will be written on the board and posted online. Students start will 100 points, and will lose 5 points for each missed assignment. All work is to be handed in promptly to receive full credit. Any late or incomplete assignments are expected to be completed as soon as possible.

    Progress reports will be issued midway through each marking period. If I feel that your child needs a report before that time due to incomplete assignments or failing grades, I will send one home. All reports are to be signed and returned to school as soon as possible.

    If your child is absent from school, please arrange for someone to pick up his/her homework. This can be done by calling the school office prior to 9 A.M. on the day of the absence. The work will then be ready in the school office at 2 P.M. unless other arrangements are made. If no one is available to pick up the work or the child is too sick to complete the work at that time, it can be made up after the child returns to school, without penalty.