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      Advisor: Mrs. Force

           In the Health and Fitness club, we promote making healthy choices and living an active lifestyle.  We meet twice a month for about 30 minutes after school.  We share and discuss healthy meal/snack options, motivational quotes, and workouts.  In order to be in the fitness club, students must attend at least one workout a month.  Members should see me if extracurricular activities prevent you from attending for a particular month or two.  Please email me if you are interested in joining.

      You may contact me with any questions and/or concerns:
         - Microsoft Teams - Health and Fitness Club - Questions Channel
         - Email: forcea@hasdk12.org


      Next Meeting: - See the Health and Fitness Club Team for our weekly agenda.  

      Workout ideas while at home:
      Plank while watching TV
      Pushups - try to do a couple more every day or week
      Jumping Jacks
      Run up and down the steps
      Run in place - high knees - kick your butt
      Burpees  :)
      Dips on a chair
      Wall sit
      Jump rope without the rope
      Leg lifts
      Mountain climbers
      Squat jumps
      Calf raises

           WOOT WOOT!!
                 ~ Mrs. Force  :)