• Classroom Procedures for
    Mr. Wenner's class

    Phys. Ed.
            The students begin  each class by sitting in their assigned stretching area. I instruct them through a variety of lower and upper body stretches. This is followed by light cardio exercise, such as jogging, running, or skipping.The students then sit in the middle of the gym floor. I will then explain the  activity or skill that we will be doing for the day. Once I have explained the skill or activity to the students they will have time to practice performing it, whether it is by themselves, with a partner, or in a small sided game. At the end of the class I will bring the students in to discuss the skills and strategies we went over for that class and how they can relate to other skills, sports/activities and their daily life.
            Students must wear sneakers for gym class. If they choose to wear sneakers with shoelaces, please make sure they are able to tie the shoes by themselves. No boots, heels, hiking boots, dress shoes, ugg slip-ons or anything other than sneakers. If a student is not dressed properly for gym class, they will not be able to participate and will lose points. 
             I will utilize TEAMs to make any announcements to my P.E classes.