• cloverTesting Procedures forclover
    Mr. O'Donnell


    • Tests will be given at the end of each chapter for Math 
    • A Unit Test will also be given at the end of each major topic.
    • There will be a 2 day notice of when a test is going to be given. 
    • Study Guides will be given to the students  before a test is going to be given.  The students will work on the study guides and I will go over all problems on the study guide with the class.  If the students understand the problems on the study guide, the test should not be a problem.   
    •  Quizzes can be announced or unannounced (pop quiz).
    • Quizzes will be given after each lesson and will consist of only 5 questions directly from the problems of that lesson.


    • Homework will be given on a regular basis during the week. Most of the time, I give students a great deal of time to work on their homework during class.   
    • Students are expected to have the homework finished for the NEXT SCHOOL DAY. 
    • If the students do not have the homework finished or do not show it to me, they will receive a 0% for that homework assignment.
    • NOTE TO ALL PARENTS: Even on nights when there is no homework, students can review the vocabulary or math problems that were completed that day in preparation for the test.  Students that review the material as it is presented in class will do better on the assessments. 
    Grade Scale
    • 25%  Tests
    • 25%  Quizzes
    • 25%  Class Participation
    • 25%  Homework