Ideas to Promote Progress at Home

    1. Read, read, read!- Have your child chose a story to read out loud at any point during the day. When they get to a word they don’t know, have them try to sound it out if they can. If they still are struggling, help them to pronounce the word and have the reread the sentence from the beginning. You can also have them point to certain items in the illustrations or tell you what happened. You can read them a story and ask questions throughout. By giving them as many opportunities as possible to read, the better readers they will become.
    2. Make math fun- You can purchase an inexpensive pack of 3x5 inch flash cards at the dollar store and fill them with math facts (fact on one side and answers on the other). These flash cards can be used in a game to see how many they can get correct. You can also use a deck of playing cards to create their own addition or subtraction problems to solve.
    3. Word Trouble? - If there are certain words you know your child is struggling with you can make flash cards of them as well. Have your child practice a throughout the week.
    4. Handwriting Activities- Allow your child to have as many opportunities as possible to work on their handwriting and fine motor skills. You can use anything from pencils, pens, markers, crayons, chalk, or even paint to make writing more fun. Your child can make stories, cartoons, and label items in picture that they draw. It is important that they work on both uppercase and lower case letters.
    5. Ask Questions- A great way to increase your child's expressive and receptive language is to talk to them about objects they see in their natural enivorment. Try asking them what something is and if they don't know tell them! This simple task can help them to be able to identify new things. You can take it one step further and desrcibe the item by telling or asking them what it does, what the features are, what it is used for, etc. This is a great way to obtain new targets or work on previously mastered targets in their natural environment. 


    Applications to use at home:

    Please contact Mrs. Gawlas via ClassTag or e-mail if you need an additonal copies of personalized log in information. 

    1. . Reflex Math- This is a fantastic resource for your child to practice math fluency and automaticity with addition/subtration or multiplication/division facts. Go to

    2. Boom Cards- Each student has an individualized account that includes interactive games for reading, math, verbal behavior and more. All activities were selected based on their needs to reinforce skills learned in the classroom. You can access Boom Cards by going to to get the app or accessing them online at and clicking student sign in.