• Word Of The Day List
    Life Science

     Colored words should be in your word of the day notebook


    Biome                                      Temperate                    Tundra      

    Salinity                                    Wetland                        Ecological Succession

    Pioneer Species                     Biosphere                      Community

    Population                             Competition                 Limiting Factor  

    Population Density                Carrying Capacity        Birthrate   

    Death Rate                             Extinct Species             Endangered Species

    Threatened Species               Migration                      Producer                      

    Mutualism                             Commensalism             Parasitism

    Ecosystem                              Biotic Factor                 Evaporation       

    Condensation                         Precipitation                 Photosynthesis            

    Chemosynthesis                    Food Chain                   Food Web          

    Cell Theory                             Macromolecule            Nucleic Acid                

    Fermentation                         Protein                          Photosynthesis  

    Lipid                                        Carbohydrate               Cell Wall             

    Cytoskeleton                          Organelle                      Chloroplast        

    Passive Transport                  Diffusion                        Osmosis

    Cell                                          Intertidal Zone



    Word of the Day List

    Physical Science

    Motion                                 Reference Point                     International System of Units

    Meter                                   Speed                                  Average Speed                                 Slope

    Velocity                                Instantaneous Speed            Acceleration                                       Force

    Newton                                Net Force                             Unbalanced Forces                          Balanced Forces

    Friction                                Static Friction                       Sliding Friction                                   Rolling Friction

    Fluid Friction                      Gravity                                  Mass                                                     Weight

    Free Fall                               Air Resistance                      Terminal Velocity                             Projectile

    Inertia                                   Momentum                         Law of Conservation of Momentum

    Satellite                                Centripetal Force                  Work                                                     Joule

    Power                                   Machine                              Input Force                                         Output Force

    Output Work                      Input Work                             Mechanical Advantage                  Efficiency

    Incline Plane                       Wedge                                    Screw                                                    Lever

    Fulcrum                              Wheel and Axle                     Pulley                                                    Compound Machine