• Grades are earned by EACH STUDENT! Class time is the time to ask questions and get any help needed.

    If you need extra help, come see me.  Your effort in this class will be reflected by your grade.

    I will NOT be accepting requests at the end of the quarter to do extra work to bring up a grade. 


    Breakdown of Grade:

    15% -- Class Participation:  Each student will receive a weekly participation grade from 0-10 points.         

    • Not having materials, excessive talking, not working in class ect. will result in point deductions.

    15% -- Tests:  

    15% -- Quizzes: Quizzes can be given at any time to check for understanding. 

    They can be either announced or unannounced.

    25% --Assignments: Assignments graded for accuracy and/or completion in class; 

    10% -- Homework

    15% -- Exam 

    15%-- Binder/Notebook:  Taking notes/copying and working through examples