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    WELCOME BACK!!!!!!
    The 2021-2022 School Year is going to be amazing!!! We are back and in person!!!
    My home school will be Drums Elementary/Middle School, but do not worry I will be visiting each of your schools throughout the week. If you ever need to reach me and I am not at you school, inform your teacher and she will email me with your issue. I am never far away!
    Each of my students will meet with me individually to adress your goals. Everyone's goals are different, but are based on your indiviual need: auditory memory, auditory discrimination, auditory comprehension, auditory reasoning, expressive and receptive vocabulary, reading, speech reading, basic sign language, and self advocacy.
    As you know all of my students have a hearing loss, so you are not alone:) The ranges for hearing loss are unilateral, bilateral, mild to profound. I also have a hearing loss, wear hearing aids, speechread, and know sign language. I do understand the stuggles of masks and we will get through this together.
    Remember to wear your hearing aids, cochlear implants and BAHA's daily, not just in school. 
    My office hours change daily. Please just reach out to me, I am here for each and everyone of you!
    I look forward to working with you!!!!
    Ms. Shay
    Hearing Therapist