• Computer Science


    Course Outline:

    • Unplugged Activities
    • Problem Solving Activities
    • Coding Assignments (code.org, scratch.mit.edu)
    • Hands-On Activities for Coding




    Assignments are created to be completed during class time. If projects are not

    being completed during class, on time, etc. students may have to complete them at

    home. If absent for any reason, the students should be checking my TEAMS page 

    where the PDN and agenda/work is posted each day with instructions so students

    should be completing at home during these times. 


    Grading Categories:

    • Projects (Coding Activities) - 50% of grade
    • Participation (Unplugged Activities/Journals/Discussions) - 25% of grade
    • Assignments (Problem Solving Group Tasks) - 25% of grade