• Absences

    If your child is absent from school, it is their responsibility to check EACH teacher's homework page on the HASD website to see what was missed. If you would like to pick up your child's books, please notify the office or homeroom teacher via ClassTag by 10am. We will send any books/papers needed to the office by 2pm. All assignments will be posted on our Homework Webpages. Information here will tell you if you will also need to look on Microsoft Teams. 

    Mrs. Shafer's page


    Mr. Gould's Page


    Mrs. O'Donnell's Page



    5th grade will have snack during 8th period due to our early lunch. Students may bring a small snack.



    When students enter the room, they should immediately put their things on their desks and take their seats. There will be a problem on the board for the class to complete when they enter. It will be referred to as a PDN, "Please Do Now." It will be a Math problem that goes along with our current lesson. All classes are expected to follow these classroom rules along with the district and school policies. 


    Multiplication pop quizzes will be given once or twice a quarter. These are meant to help the students' grade, not hurt them. Reflex will be used in the classroom and use is encouraged at home as well. 



    All Math students will need a 2 subject notebook for Math class.  (or they may use 2 sections in a binder or 5 subject notebook) We will use the sections for notes and independent practice/homework. Each student will also need a dry-erase marker.

    The students will be given homework frequently and will usually have time to start it in class. Homework is a participation grade overall, however, an individual assignment can be collected and graded at any time.



    I will be teaching one section of Spelling and English to my Homeroom.  (1 notebook for each Subject)

    * Students are required to have their book and notebook in class every day.