• Classroom Procedures and Expectations 

    • Students are expected to be prepared and on time for class daily.
      • Textbook
      • Packet/Workbook
      • Notebook
      • Chromebook
      • Sharpened Pencil/Eraser
    • Homework is often given on a daily basis ~ students almost always have time to start their homework during class time and can ask questions while working.
      • Homework is checked for completion 
        • Entire homework assignment must be completed to receive credit 
        • All work must be shown to receive credit
    • All students should be able to utilize TEAMs to check what is for homework or what was covered and/or announced in class such as upcoming tests and quizzes.
    • If a student is absent, it is their responsibility to check TEAMs and make up any work the next day unless discussed with Miss Dudeck.
      • Quizzes and tests can be made up when the student returns.



    25% Assignments/Homework 

    25% Quizzes - given after most lessons

    25% Tests - given after each chapter

    25% Exams - given at the end of each quarter