About the PTA

  • The Hazleton Elementary Middle School Parent Teacher Association (HEMS PTA) would like to welcome your family to another great school year at the Castle.  The PTA strives to help make the school year as fun, educational, and productive as possible for all of our students.  The PTA coordinates various fundraisers throughout the year to help offset costs for the numerous student activities and field trips planned each year.  Some of those fundraisers include our annual Fundwalks, Krispy Kreme donut sales and Perkins Pie sales, as well as our newly added Family Bingo events. 

    The PTA is always welcoming new members.  As a member of the PTA you have the opportunity to choose and plan activities for the students and become actively involved in your child’s school life.  To become a member, you can sign up at any monthly meeting or stop by the main office during school hours.  The cost of membership is $8 each school year.  The PTA meets monthly to discuss current fundraisers and events.  Members are encouraged to attend meetings, but attendance is not mandatory to be part of the PTA.  All meetings, as well as fundraisers and student activities, are posted on our school website (Hazleton Elementary / Middle School / Overview (hasdk12.org)) under the PTA tab and also on our Facebook page (Hazleton Elementary Middle School PTA).

    Our current officers of the HEMS PTA are all faculty/staff at the Castle and can be easily reached through their school email.  Our president is Mrs. Tobias, one of the front office staff.  Ms. Astorino, vice-president, is our 3rd/4th grade English Language Development teacher.  Our secretary is Mrs. Ciampi, our 6th grade English Language Arts teacher.  Mrs. Chyko, elementary paraprofessional, serves as our treasurer.  Ms. Kupsho, our principal, oversees the PTA.


    As always your continued support is truly appreciated and we are all looking forward to another successful school year. 

                                                                                                                                                    Sincerely yours,


                                                                                                                                                    HEMS PTA Officers