Welcome to kindergarten! Thank you for coming to orientation.  It was great to meet all of you!  I am looking forward to a wonderful year with both you and your child.  Here are some important notes to help prepare all of you for the upcoming year:


    1. SNACK- Please provide a light snack for your child each day.  You may also send a drink if you wish.  They do not access to the fountain.  (no soda please) A lunchbox is a great idea.  If your child is also bringing his/her lunch, please show your child which is “snack” and which is “lunch”.


    1. LUNCH MONEY- All students will receive free breakfast and lunch.  There will be a charge if your child chooses to purchase just a milk. A lunch calendar is available online.  Please make sure your child is aware of the choices before ordering a lunch.  Students may also pack a lunch if they choose. 


    1. HOMEWORK- Please sign and return all homework the next day. Typically I give homework Monday through Thursday. Your child’s “Reading Folder” will be sent home every Monday.  Please make sure to read the material in the folder nightly! I do not give homework over the weekend.  I believe that this time should be saved for the family. The amount of homework given per week will vary.  All students must use the parent/teacher communication folder that was provided at orientation.  The inside of the folder is labeled so you will know which papers stay home and which ones need to come back. PLEASE CHECK YOUR CHILD’S FOLDER DAILY FOR HOMEWORK OR ANY OTHER IMPORTANT PAPERS. 


    1. PERSONAL ITEMS- Please put your child’s first and last name on all his/her personal possessions in order to avoid any confusion.


    1. PARENT DROP OFFS/PICK -UPS- A dismissal form is included in the folder. Please fill out the form by the first day of school so that I know how your child will be getting home. If your child regularly takes the bus but will be picked up or vice versa, a note will be required.


    1. ABSCENCES- Please send in an excuse upon your child’s return to school.


    1. MEDICAL INFORMATION- Please notify me of any medical conditions that you feel I should be aware of. (allergies, etc.) All information will be kept confidential.


    1. BIRTHDAYS- You may send in a healthy snack for your child’s birthday if you wish! (yogurt, animal crackers, pretzels, etc.) Due to the nutrition guidelines for our district, no homemade treats or sweets such as cookies or cupcakes are permitted for birthdays.


    1. CLASS LIST- I will be sending home a class list shortly. Please keep this list for future references such as birthday parties, Valentines, etc. I will keep you posted on any changes.


    1. BOOK ORDERS- Scholastic book orders will be sent home at the beginning of each month. You may send in cash or a check made payable to Scholastic. Please place the order and the payment in an envelope marked Book Order and the child’s name.  The orders generally take 2 weeks to arrive.


    1. SUPPLIES- All students must use the parent/teacher communication folder that was provided at orientation. PTA has provide each child with a pencil box containing pencils, glue sticks, and crayons. Your child may bring in other supplies to keep in the box as well.  No scissors, pens, sharpeners, or markers please! I will provide these for the students as needed.  Every student will need a pair of headphones to use in the classroom.  Please place them in a baggie or small container with his/her name on it.  This is the only item you will need to purchase for your child. If you would like to donate any supplies to the classroom here are some things we always need: tissues, glue sticks, paper towels, zip lock bags (big or small), paper plates (plain white, big or small), hand sanitizer, Clorox wipes, disinfectant spray, or any craft item. Any donation would be greatly appreciated!


    1. NEWSLETTER- There will be a monthly newsletter, which will include important dates, reminders, list weekly themes and activities, and it will also keep you current as to what we are doing in Math, Reading, and Phonics.


    1. CHANGE OF CLOTHING- Please provide a full change of clothing that can be kept in your child’s locker as well as an extra mask.


    1. DRESS CODE- Please follow the district guidelines.


    1. BUS CARDS- Please make sure your child’s bus card is visible in their backpack!