Classroom Procedures for
    Mrs. Hartz



    1. Be prepared for class.

    2. Work Quietly.
    3.Raise your hand to speak.
    4. Listen carefully.
    5. Respect your classmates and adults in charge through kind actions and words.
    6. Complete and turn in all assignments on time.
    7. Do your best!!! 

    **Coming to class prepared everyday will increase your class participation grade. Coming to class unprepared will decrease your classroom participation grade.**

    All students need the following supplies everyday:

    • 3  notebooks
    • 3 or more pencils
    • a silent reading book(everyday)
    • 3 folders

    ***No binders/trapper keepers, lead pencils, or pencil sharpeners
    ***No Electronic devices, playing cards, or toys are permitted in school.





      The students will keep a Math notebook. This will help 
      you and your student to review daily classwork.
      Homework and classwork are expected to be completed 
      neatly in pencil.
          2. Homework will be given almost EVERY NIGHT. Students 
                may be given time in class to begin their homework, 
                but it should still be checked at home by an adult.

           3.  Students are highly encouraged to use i-Ready  
                 on their home computers. 


    Science and Social Studies


         1. The students will keep a science and social studies notebook. They will utilize this to take notes and answer assessmment questions. Homework will also be done in the notebook.

          2. Homework will be given and students may be given time to work on it in th class.