• Dear Third Grade Families,

                  Welcome to FREELAND ELEMENTARY/MIDDLE SCHOOL! I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. I will be your child’s homeroom and Math, Science and Social Studies teacher. I am looking forward to getting to know my students. As we begin to roll into the school year, you will be receiving information about my classroom and grading policies, our school and classroom websites, and the district’s attendance policy. If you would like any clarification on any of these policies, please feel free to contact me.


                I would like you to know that I am here for you and your child and I am always here to address any questions or concerns. If at any time you should have any questions or concerns that you would like to discuss you can email me, send in a note, or call the school. The first two options are the most efficient ways to receive a timely response. Our classroom website is another source of information for you. It can be found on the district’s website, www.hasdk12.org, by choosing “Freeland Elementary School” from the drop down menu. Then, click on the “teachers” tab. Please check it frequently to find daily homework along with other important class information.


                In order to be successful in school it is important that your student is prepared. Each student is expected to have 6 notebooks (1 for each major subject), a folder, and at least 3 sharpened pencils. The students must bring a writing instrument every day; the teacher will not provide any pencils to borrow. We will be doing different projects throughout the year; your child may wish to have their own crayons, markers, colored pencils, and glue sticks. Each student should also be using his/her homework planner daily to keep track of homework assignments, test dates, and project due dates. These are excellent tools to begin teaching your child time management skills. Please do not send trapper keepers or binders, they do not fit in the desks and are very difficult to carry with their other books. Another suggestion is to buy a zipper pencil case instead of the plastic boxes; they are easier to carry from class to class and are easier to fit in the desks.


                I look forward to meeting all of you at Open House. That night, I will go over my class policies, procedures, and expectations and you will have the opportunity to see some of your child’s work. If you would like to meet about your individual child, please contact me, and we will set up an appointment where I can give you my undivided attention.



                                                                                                                                                                                                   Mrs. Hartz