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    Mrs. Kasarda  
    Email: kasardaj02@hasdk12.org
    (570) 459-3221 ext. 21500
    Grade: 3
    Subject: ELA/Science/Social Studies
    Welcome To Third Grade
    Dear Students and Parents/Guardians, 
    Please do not stop learning, reading, and continuing to expand your knowledge. Please continue using Imagine Learning, you can find the link on my Student Links page, use the packets that were sent home as a review, as well as the other websites on my Student Links page as additional review/supplemental material. I have added some great new links, make sure to check them out! The virtual field trip links are really cool! I miss each and every one of you and cannot wait to see all of your smiling faces soon! And parents/guardians, thank you for all of your hard work during this time and always!
    I will continue to be here for each and evey one of you so please reach out to me at any time!
    Lots of love,  
    Mrs. Kasarda 
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