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    Teacher’s Name:    Miss Prokipchak                           Teacher’s Email : prokipchakh@hasdk12.org


    Students and parents should complete all of the assignments listed below every day. Take your time and do the assignments when you can. Develop a daily routine. Students and parents should work together.

    Los estudiantes y los padres deben completar todas las tareas que se enumeran a continuación semanalmente. Tómese su tiempo y haga las tareas cuando pueda. Desarrollar una rutina diaria. Los estudiantes y los padres deben trabajar juntos.


    1. Watch The Morning Routine  Observar una Rutina Matutina
        Arrow  Click here (Haga clic aquí) for the Morning Routine  

    2. Watch this week's lesson-You should complete this by  May 8th 
        Vea la lección de hoy-Usted debe completar esto por [ fecha ]

       Arrow  Click here (Haga clic aquí) for today’s lesson in Reading

       Arrow  Click here (Haga clic aquí) for today’s lesson in Math

       Arrow  Complete the assignments below by May 8th  Haga clic aquí para la lección de hoy 

    Hi smart cookies! This week we will be working on long e and sequencing. Below you will find videos, games, and activities to complete throughout the week. Please remember if you do not have a printer, feel free to be creative and do the activites on a separate sheet of paper. If possible, take pictures of your awesome work and email it to me for feedback. You will not have to dazzle me this week (take a test) since this is review content. Next week, we will start testing. I will be able grade you this week based on participation. That means I am encouraging you to send me pictures of your work and complete your assignments on Raz Kids, Imagine Learning, and Starfall.  : )


    High- Frequency Words


    woman   hard   would   write   found   near


    Complete the review page below.

    HFW Review



    Watch the long e video on YouTube. See if you can sound out the words the Alphablocks are building. Don't forget the long e sound can be spelled ee, ea, ie, ey, y, or with silent but bossy e. How many ways did the Alphblocks spell the long e sound?

    - Long e Video  


    Sort long e words by y and ey. Remember to use stretchy snake to sound out words. Example: b/u/m/p/y

          Long e sort



    Practice reading long e words for fluency. Remember good readers do not want to sound like robots. Use stretchy snake to read unknown words. After reading the words, write them in the correct candy bag.

    Sweet Treats Game




    Sequencing is when you put events in order. You can use numbers (1, 2, 3, and 4) or order words (first, next, then, and last). Good readers sequence to help them understand what they are reading.




    Read the two spring stories and put the events in order.

    Spring Sequencing


    Watch from Seed to Plant being read on YouTube. Pay special attention to nonfiction elements such as photographs, diagrams, etc. Remember good readers reread and pause to ask questions if they do not understand. Pay extra special attention to how a plant grows. Below you will find writing paper to write the steps to growing a plant. Remember to use order words (first, next, then, and last), capital letters, and punctuation marks. You may ask your parents for help but remember they will not spell words for you. Good writers stretch them out. I gave you some helpful hints. Dazzle me and fill in the blanks. : )


    Seed to Plant Video


    Sequencing Writing Paper

    First you plant a seed in the soil.

    Next a __________ pushes out and a ________ starts to grow.

    Then _____________, air, and ____________ help the plant grow.

    Last you have a _______________!


    Kid Writing Assignment


    Remember sentences start with capital letters. Telling sentences end with periods (.) , asking sentences end with question marks (?), and exciting sentences end with exclamation points (!). High-frequency words and words we know (long a, short o, long e, etc.) should be spelled correctly.


    Revise the sentences in the activity found below. Remember long e is spelled (ee, ea, ie, y, and ey).

    Sentence Revising


    Math Assignments


    After watching this week's math lesson, complete the activity pages below.


    Candy Additon Problems

    Animal Subtraction

    Addition and Subtraction Practice Pages

    Addtion Story Problems

    Subtraction Word Problem



           Little Dot Dot  Miss Smith's Students     Little Dot Dot  Mrs. Masias's Students      Little Dot Dot  Mrs. Reed's Students


    3. Login to Raz Kids - Read the Raz Kid’s Book your teacher assigned. Answer the questions after you read the book 
    Entrar a Raz Kids - Lea el Libro de Raz Kid que su maestro le asignó. Responda a las preguntas después de leer el libro


    *******This week your child will be taking a placement test to determine thier reading level. In order for your child to get an accurate reading level, parents are not allowed to read the stories to them. If your child has already taken the placement test prior to May 4th, I have adjusted their reading level. After your child's reading level has been determined, they can read books on their level. Next week, I will assign books and quizzes on their level. : ) ******

      Arrow  Click here (Haga clic aquí) Login to Raz Kids Look for the Rocket for your assignment

    My Assignment

    4. Login to Imagine Language & Literacy and Imagine Math for 20 minutes each
       Inicie sesión para Imagine Lenguaje & Alfabetización e Imagine Matemáticas durante 20
       minutos cada uno 

       Arrow  Click here (Haga clic aquí) to log in to Imagine Learning

    Click login with LDAP, type your username and password. Orange for Math & Blue for Reading.
    Haga clic en login con LDAP, escriba su nombre de usuario y contraseña. Naranja para matematicas & Azul para Literatura.
     Imagine Learning Picts    


    5. Login to Starfall for 15 Minutes 
        Tell your parents about something you liked and something you learned.
          Inicia sesión en Starfall durante 15 minutos
          Dile a tus padres lo que te gustó y algo que aprendiste.
       Arrow  Click here (Haga clic aquí) to log into Starfall

    6. Weekly Assignments  Arrow  Music  Arrow  Art  Arrow  Gym
    Asignaciones semanales  

    7. Optional Writing Prompt - 
    Opcional Escritura Rapida - 

    *****Please see plant sequencing writing under sequencing assignments. : ) *****

    8. Optional -  Arrow Click here (Haga clic aquí) for links to Extra Practice



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