• Listed below you will find some helpful hints and ideas to provide to children during this time at home. 

    Meditation for a few minutes a day has proven to reduce stress, boost immunity, help with memory and concentration and also help to decrease anxiety and depression.

    Here are some Meditation and Mindfulness Apps for kids to try at home:

    1. Wuf Shantin Yoga Fun Machine

    2. Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame

    3. Meditations for Kids

    4. Super Stretch Yoga

    Here is a list of Sibling Watch-Together TV

    1. Story Bots

    2. Charlie and Lola-Set Good Examples

    3. Fresh Beat Bands of Spies- Problem-Solving Skills with Music

    4. Arthur- Thoughtfulness for Kids

    Remember- Social Distancing does not mean Social Isolation. Children need quality time with caregivers and other important people in their lives. Social connectedness increases chilnren's chances of showing resilience to adversity. Some creative approaches can be writing letters, online video and chats with others.

    Keep them busy! When kids are bored their levels of worry and disruptive behaviors may increase. Here are some options for safe activites:

    1. Outside Play

    2. Building blocks

    3. Modeling Clay

    4. Art

    5. Music

    6. Games

    Here are some worksheets to look at and work on and e-mail me your answers to dixonr@hasdk12.org.

    Check out the workseet below to "check in on our feelings'. Remember, we all feel different emotions at different time and that is OK... Let's think about things that make us happy and feel joyful and some things that we are looking forward to as well.. Click on the worksheet below and let's check in with our feelings....


    If you have a dream or a goal, the best way to reach that goal is to make a plan.  For example, suppose I want to make the soccer team but I’ve never played soccer.  What are some ways I can put a plan in place and prepare? (get a soccer ball, practice at home, ask a friend that plays soccer for help). 

    In order to reach our goals, we can create our own luck by putting an action plan in place.  I’m sure you all have something you’d like to do or would love to have. We’re going to work on creating plans to make our own luck! Below you will find a fun worksheet!! Check it out and complete it.. Don't forget to let me know what your goal and how you are working towards it~


    If you are feeling scared, anxious or nervous, we are going to look at our worry cup and fill it up with anything that is making us anxious. Once it is filled up we will stop and take some deep breaths to move our anxiety away! Click on the link below to look at our worry cup and then check out the activity to direct us to take some nice deep breaths....



    Let's not forget all of the times we talked about kindness and what thata means, how that feels and what that looks like. Eventhough this is a difficult time for all of us, we have to remember to be grateful and kind to others always! Please check out the worksheets below and fill in who and what you are thankful for....