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    Online Instruction

    Subject:  8th grade Language Arts

    Class Period(s):  2, 3, 7, 8, 9

    Week of May 25th

    Teacher Message:

    Hello, 8th grade!  Welcome to week #4 of online instruction.  Nice job completing your assignments last week!  Please remember that completing this work is required in order to pass Quarter 4 of the school year.  This week's assignment has two different lessons.  The first lesson is View Point and Inferences in Anne Frank Remembered.  The second lesson is Audio report:  Remembering Miep Gies.  Please do your best!


    As always, I am always available to answer any questions you may have through email at danielsd@hasdk12.org.


    Weekly Objective(s):

    Anne Frank Remembered

    Students will:

    1. Analyze an author's unique viewpoint

    2. Identify details that build suspense

    3. Make inferences about the theme of a memoir


    Audio Report:  Remembering Miep Gies

    Students will:

    1. Actively listen to an audio report

    2. Take notes to generate a summary

    3. Analyze the purpose of information presented in an audio report



                 Standard:  CC1.2.8.F, CC.1.2.8.G, CC.1.3.8.E, CC.1.3.8.K, CC.1.4.8.M, CC.1.4.8.N, CC.1.4.8.O,                                    CC.1.4.8.P, CC.1.4.8.Q.2, C.1.4.8.Q.3

                 Study Island Anchors:  EO8.D.1.1.1, EO8.D.1.1.2, EO.D.1.1.8



    PDN: Write a one page summary about one of the activities you have done during this time of social distancing.



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    Independent Practice and Additional Resources:

    Study Island 3F Point of View and Purpose in Informational Texts

    Study Island 3B Inferences and Generalizations in Informational Texts




    Assignments and Assessments:

    Edgenuity:  Complete the warm up, instruction, summary, assignment, and quiz.




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