• Week of: May 25th 2020

    Teachers Name/ Subject:  Miss Higgs / Science                                 

    Teacher’s contact info  Email:  higgss@hasdk12.org   Call or Text: (267) 551-0934

    General Information 

    Teacher Message: 
    Hello 6th Grade! I miss all of your smiling faces in school. I hope everyone is practicing their social distancing guidelines and staying home and safe. If you need to get in touch with me you can email me, my email is listed above, or you can message me on ClassTag. This weeks online lesson will be a review. We will be reviewing "Moon Phases". We will be focusing on the moon and its phases. You will need a paper and pencil if possible for this lesson.  Make sure you watch the video lesson and take notes! Hope you have a great week. I hope to hear from you soon! :)

    *Please check your ClassTag account for username and password for ConnectED

    ** If you are connected to ConnectEd (our online science book) there are extra videos and lessons I have assigned. Feel free to use all of your resources. Click on the option bar on the left had side with the 3 lines and find the discussion post. Respond to the post.


    I know many of you are struggling with missing your friends. If you would like to participate, I am going to put something together for you to say goodbye. You can send me a picture of yourself with a message for your friends for the summer. Pictures due to me by June 2nd. You can send them in a text on Google voice, email or classtag me. 

    Learning Objectives for the week: Describe the life cycle of a star and identify the major types galaxies (spiral, elliptical, irregular)

    Standards Addressed:

     Week 3 Standards

    View Lesson Here:

    Below is a link named "Star Life Cycle" please watch this week’s lesson and comment of the video by simply saying you watched it or asking a question. Then complete the assignments below– you should complete this by the end of the week. Please send me via text, email, or classtag assignment number 2 ONLY.

    Loom: Loom Video

    BrainPop: BrainPop

    Galaxies: Galaxies Video

    Please comment on the loom lesson video so I know you watched it. 


    Section: 6H, 6Z, 6N, 6B          
    Assignment #1:
     THIS IS THE ASSIGNMENT I WOULD LIKE TO SEE VIA TEXT, CLASSTAG OR EMAIL Complete the worksheet. You can write your answer on a seperate sheet of paper. Evolution of Stars

    Assignment #2: Complete the worksheet. You can write your answer on a seperate sheet of paper. Hubble

    Assignment #3: Complete the worksheet. You can write your answer on a seperate sheet of paper. Life Cycle of Stars

    Assignment #4: Complete the worksheet. You can write your answer on a seperate sheet of paper. The Milky Way


    **If you would like to say goodbye to your 6th grade friends please send me a picture of you holding a sign with a positive message. I will try and get a video together and posted.


    ***If you have questions about the assignments or needs assistance with the assignments feel free to text, classtag or email me or one of the other teachers. There are links at the bottom of this site for your reading and math teachers. 

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    Extra Practice:
    Students please use your log in for ConnectEd there will be more resources on there to use. You have full access to the science book if needed. You can always access the science websites I have listed on my main page. 

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