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    SNACKSnack is typically at 10:30 every day, depending on our schedule for that day. Please pack one clear drink and one small healthy snack for your child daily. 


    * The students will keep an ELA notebook.

    * They will need a notebook for Reading and a notebook for English. This will help you and your child to review daily classwork. 

    * Homework and classwork is expected to be completed neatly in pencil.

    * Students will have a weekly "Spelling Homework Packet" beginning on every Monday (Tuesday, if there is no school on a Monday). The packet will be due back on Friday of the same week (Thursday - if there is no school on a Friday), and it will count as a homework grade. 

    * A spelling test will be given every Friday (if no school on Friday, Thursday) using the spelling word list assigned for that week. 

    * Reading and/or English homework will be given and will usually be expected as overnight homework.

    * Occasionally, students may be assigned projects to be completed for a grade. 

    * Students are highly encouraged to use Imagine Learning on their home computers.

    * Independent reading is always encouraged.   


    All students need the following supplies every day for ELA class:

    Red Folder

    2 notebooks (Reading, English)

    3 or more pencils


    Colored Pencils (optional)


    School Computer

     Silent reading book (everyday)

    ***No binders/trapper keepers, lead pencils, or pencil sharpeners
    ***No Electronic devices, playing cards, or toys are permitted 

    Red Folders
    Each student will be given a red folder that will come home each night with their homework and classwork inside. This folder MUST be returned every day. Please check this folder every night and empty all "Leave At Home" papers. If you have any notes, please put them in the red folder. Every morning, the students have to empty their folders of any notes and/or homework.
    Classroom Donations are optional but greatly appreciatedClorox wipes, band aids, tissues, hand sanitizer, paper towels, etc.