• Week of: June 1, 2020

    Teachers Name/ Subject:  Mrs. Rosato-Racek/Reading Learning Support                             

    Teacher’s Email: rosatoh@hasdk12.org

    Teacher Message: 

    Hello boys and girls! This is the final week of school and online instruction! All the assignments listed below must be completed by the end of the week.  We will be learning about silent letters kn, wr, gn, and mb this week. 

    Below you will see videos to watch on silent letts.  Please watch the videos and complete the assignments that are listed below.   After you complete the assignments please log on to RAZ KIDS and complete the Reading Assignment.  If you need help logging on please email me or message me on ClassDojo.  Have a great week!  Any questions please email me or message me on ClassDojo.

    I hope you all have a great summer and try to enjoy it as much as possible! You all did a great job this school year both in school and also adapting to the online instruction!  I am proud of all of you! I hope that we are back in school next year and I will get to see you all again!  As always if you ever need anything please email me!

    Standards Addressed: Standard - CC.1.1.1.C 

    Learning Objectives for the week:
    *Students will orally blend sounds to form known words with silent letters.

    *Students will identify and read words with silent letters.

    View Lesson Here (Click on videos Below):

    Silent Letter Video 1

    Silent Letter Video 2

    Assignements (Click on each assignment):  
    Assignment #1      
    Assignment #2         
    Assignment #3     
    Assignment #4       


    Please complete the READING ASSIGNMENT that has been assigned to your account. 

    Log in, Click on Reading Assignment and complete. 

    Click on links below for help with RAZ KIDS:


    How To Sign On to Raz Kids


    Log into Imagine Learning/Reading:
    “Log onto Imagine Learning/Reading. (40 Minutes per week)”

    To access Imagine Learning you must use Google Chrome browser.  
    Click on the Chrome icon to download Google Chrome and then click on the Clever icon to begin your Imagine Learning Lesson.



    Extra Practice:
    ABC YA




    Next Teacher’s Assignments:

    Please click on the link to go to the math special educaction teacher:
    Miss Hruniuk


    Please click on the following links to get to your regular education teacher web pages for addititonal assignments and also to get to your special teacher pages:

    3rd Grade: Mrs. Barkanic    Mrs. Bayzick   Miss Marchese 

    4th Grade: Ms. Wisdo    Mrs. Smith   Ms. Arruzzo   Mr. Bobrowski

    5th Grade: Mr. Koziel    Mrs. Mummey   Mrs. Demusz   Mrs. Shafer

    6th Grade: Mr. Billig  Ms. Sist  Mrs. Randazzo  Ms. Makuta

    Social Worker: Miss Roxanne