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    Mrs. cc ook's Third Grade 
     Welcome to Third Grade!  
       Thank you for taking the time to view my website. Please peruse my website and let my know if you see anything which you think would be helpful to add. Your feedback is always appreciated.
       My name is Kelly Cook, and this is ninth year teaching third grade at Drums Elementary Middle School. I currently reside in Larksville, PA, with my husband, daughter Elizabeth, and 2 cats, J.B. and Cheetoh.
       I am excited for the year to come and look forward to helping my students gain a thirst for reading and writing, as well as a better understanding and knowledge of spelling and english concepts. 
        I have designed this website to keep you informed about what is going on in our 3rd grade world. I update the website often, so make sure that you check back from time to time.

        We will be studying and working on many new and exciting things this year. Third grade is a year of transition from the development of skills to the development of independence. It is a time for students to begin to assume responsibility for their education and become life-long learners.

       Throughout the year, the students will be expected to complete tasks and classwork individually, with a partner, and within groups. The students have been assigned Spelling, Reading, and Writing Partners, whom they will be conferencing with throughout the year to discuss books they are reading and class-wide selections, practice spelling words for the weekly test, and gain and provide advice for their weekly writing prompts. 
       We will be covering six different Unit themes throughout the year, each of which take roughly six weeks to complete. Please see the portion of my website dedicated to the Current Reading Focus and Unit Theme.
       The students will also be taking part in a Reading Workshop  as well as being part of Book Clubs at least twice a week. In a Reading Workshop, the students will be reading silently for 30-40 minutes from a book of their choice. During this Workshop, the students will be asked to complete certain tasks, which are always reviewed together as a class with the Read-Aloud in Group Discussion. Books can be provided from my personal classroom library, or brought from home. I only ask that the students read within what I like to call their "JUST RIGHT" or "JR" reading level. In the first week I introduced three levels or Easy (E), Just Right (JR), and Challenging (CH) reading levels. I will naturally be monitoring their progress throughout the year and encourage them to challenge their abilities. 
       It is my goal to create a classroom environment where students feel free to share their opinions and feelings regarding classwork. I plan to utilize hands-on and minds-on activities to engage students and strike their interest, so they may use the information learned in class to gain a further understanding of the world around them.
       Third grade will be writing intensive, in order to give students the needed practice. Since writing is going to be a common occurrence throughout their academic career, I want to ensure that my students are introduced to the Five Steps of the Writing Process as early as possible. The students will be writing a variety of prompts and experimenting with many writing types this school year. The first major writing type they will be introduced to is the Personal Narrative. The students will be writing their different writing steps (Brainstorming, Sloppy Copy(drafting)) in a separate notebook, which I will check and edit every week. By the end of the year, I teach the students to become better editors. The students will also have a class Journal, which they decorated the first week of school. The students will be completing short and fun journal prompts at least twice a week, which will always be shared with the class to spark and maintain student interests. I will utilize several activities and writing workshops, which utilize student interest in order to make writing enjoyable and relatable.


       The students will also be introduced to different forms of poetry this year. I have developed a unit which helps students have fun with and experiment with words, and use their own imaginations to curve and develop their writing. Since poetry is about how a individual feels, I will ask my students to write from the heart and mind. Poetry will also be a daily part of our classroom routine, giving all students the opportunity to respond to writing.                              
       I think it is vital for students to help one another in a classroom. Learning is a universal act, and does not have to occur solely between the teacher and the students, but also can occur between peers in a classroom.




    My ultimate goal is to encourage my students to read.
     The New School Year IS HERE!