Physical Education Class 

    8th Grade




    It is my pleaseure to teach Physical Education for middle school here at Valley. In PE class I encourage students to participate actively, to socialize and build social skills/ comunication as well as learn the concepts of team work, sportsmanship and respect. Students will be held accountable for their time in PE class through weekly grades. 


    Scoring is as follows

    20 points per day

    5 - Proper attire (sneakers, low tops, high tops)     Point deductions for sandles/ flip flops/ sliders/ flats/ crocs/ and or boots/ high heals

    5- Behavior (show of respect towards classmates and teacher)   Point deductions for innappropriate language/ gestures/ actions

    10- Participation (actively engages in warm up and activity)          Point deductions for missed warm up/ sitting out 

    X  5 days per week  (Short weeks, students are given credit for those days off) 


    100 total weekly points


    If student is asked to sit out of PE class for improper behavior; loss of Behavior points and Participation points are assessed. 

    Absences reflect a loss of points for that day without valid excuse. (Dr. note or excused absence)

    Skipped classes result in loss of points for that day as well as a formal write up to administraton. 

    Proper use of equpiment and appropriate gameplay is expected.


    No Food/ Gum/ Candy

    No Cell phones 


    Students are encouraged to bring water bottles to fill at newly installed fountains. 


    Thank You

    I look forward to building a great environment and haveing a positive school year... Please feel free to reach out with any questions 


    Mr. Mahmoud

    Valley Middle School

    8th Grade PE