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     Mrs. Smith
    Phone: (570) 459-3221 ext. 27500
    4th grade
    Language Arts
    (online learning)
    If you did not sign up for the class dojo app, please email me a phone number that you would like me to use.   Thanks!!!!!!
    Please make sure you have the following items: Daily schedule, pencil, notebooks(one for spelling, reading, and english) Anthology book, Interactive Text, Your Turn workbook, spelling workbook, english (grammar) workbook.
    All assignments and lessons will be on Microsoft Teams.  Please follow your schedule for class periods.  I will have office hours daily between 8:20-8:50 and 3:20-3:45.
    This is a new process.  We are all learning.  I ask that all students and parents be very patient and try not to get stressed out.  We are all in this together!!  Any questions or issues, please email me or message me on Teams.

    Welcome to Mrs. Smith's class page!!