• Week of: May 25th 


    Ashley Palermo Reading                               

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    Teacher Message:

    Hi Kids! 

    I am so excited to start online learning with each and every one of you!

    This week we will be learning Main Idea 

    You have a few assignments this week. 

    You can email me at anytime for help or you can send me a message on class DOJO.

    If it is a worksheet, Please write your answers in your notebooks. 

    If it is practice book, please write directly in the practice book. If you already completed the page assigned, please move to the next page. 


    Standards Addressed:

    Standard - CC.1.2.5.A Determine two or more main ideas in a text and explain how they are supported by key details; summarize the text.

    Learning Objectives for the week:

    All students will determine two or more main ideas in a text. 



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    Students please watch this week’s lesson and complete the assignments below– you should complete this by the end of the week. 

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     Section 5P                                                                 Section 5W               
    Assignment #1   Reading practice bk. 129                Assignment #1 Reading practice bk. 129       
    Assignment #2   Reading practice bk. 139                Assignment #2  Reading practice bk. 139
    Assignment #3   Reading practice bk. 133-135         Assignment #3   Reading practice bk. 133-135 
    Assignment #4   worksheet                                       Assignment #4       worksheet   

    Log into Imagine Learning/Reading:
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    To access Imagine Learning you must use Google Chrome browser.  
    Click on the Chrome icon to download Google Chrome and then click on the Clever icon to begin your Imagine Learning Lesson.



    Extra Practice:
    Students please try some of these websites for additional practice. 

    Read Works  Starfall 

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