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    Physical therapy in the school is a related service that addresses functional skills in the educational environment. 

    School based physical therapy is provided when a student needs therapy services to function in an educational environment.  Much like how a school nurse only addresses a student’s medical needs at school, school based physical therapy only works on skills necessary for a student to function at school.


    School based physical therapy can be performed in the school, classroom, gym, playground, community (integration outings) or anywhere that school-related functions are occurring.  Services may be provided as indirect service where the therapist consults with and instructs teachers, parents, or staff members who interact with the student or direct service which is face to face contact with the student.
    If a child falls frequently, demonstrates trouble negotiating the school environment, including stair climbing, or is unable to keep pace with his/her peers during gross motor skills in Physical Education class and recess, due to a physical disability or medical diagnosis, this may indicate the need for school based physical therapy services.