The role of the Teacher for the Blind and Visually Impaired (TVI) includes the following:

    • Complete Functional Vision Evaluations and/or Learning Media Assessments
    • Develop a student's IEP/IFSP
    • Attend initial and annual IEP/IFSP meetings
    • Consultation and support to school staff
    • Consultation and support to parents
    • Preparing and adapting materials
    • Direct teaching in the following areas:
    1. Braille reading and writing
    2. Low vision aids
    3. Concept development
    4. Tactual Skills
    5. Keyboarding
    6. Slate and Stylus
    7. Abacus
    8. Visual efficiency skills
    9. Listening skills
    10. Sensory stimulation
    11. Adaptation and reinforcement of academic areas
    12. Pre-teaching new skills to provide access to the curriculum
    13. Previewing content of lessons to be taught in class
    14. Organization and study skills
    15. Daily living/Independent living skills
    16. Leisure and recreation skills
    17. Social skills
    18. Self-Advocacy
    19. Signature Writing
    20. Career Education