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  • Welcome to Band!

    Mr. Bishop
    Phone: (570) 459-3221
    ext. 223
    Room 223
    Grade(s): 4 to 8
    Instrumental Music/8th Grade Music
    Welcome to Band!
     The instrumental music program at The Castle is a great opportunity for your child to not only develop their music making skills, but also to build and encourage several foundations of life they will use for many years to come!  Students will learn to play an instrument of their choice, with many choices offered at the Castle as well as with our partner store, Robert M. Sides.  While using music skills from their general music class, they will apply those skills to building the technical skills needed to play their respective instrument.  However, these are not the only skills that will be encouraged, modeled, and expected.  Other skills your child will develop will include, but are not limited to, self discipline, responsibility, humility, group and team work, high self-esteem, and a sense of persistence and performance confidence.  Your child will develop these skills in small group lessons of the same instrument as well as band rehearsals that include many different instruments.  While your child develops these skills, one of the most important factors in their success is you!  Support your child in practice and for concerts, encouraging them to do their best and to become a great musician!  All of these technical and personal skills they develop in band will carry through with them for their entire life.