• Band Lesson Groups: Rules/Expectations
      1. Respect each other & Mr. Bishop.  Raise your hand, don’t interrupt somebody else, and try to help each other.  A band is a working ensemble, meaning together.

      2. Bring your instrument, music, and a pencil for lessons and rehearsals.  If you forget your instrument you will still come for the lesson/rehearsal, practicing the appropriate technique for the music. 

      3. If you need to borrow an instrument or pencil you must trade a belonging in order to borrow the item (i.e. cell phone/iPod, shoe, hoodie, etc.) which will be traded back for the borrowed item from Mr. Bishop.

      4. Please arrive promptly for scheduled lesson and rehearsal times. 
        Exceptions include tests/quizzes, projects.  Please let Mr. Bishop know before or after.

      5. Leave the band room cleaner than when you first walked in.  If you see trash, throw it away, even if it’s not yours.  Mr. Bishop is NOT your nanny!

      6. Take care of your instrument by regularly maintaining it (i.e. oiling valves, greasing cork, tuning, whatever you need to do for your respective instrument), especially a school-owned instrument.  Check with Mr. Bishop for any needed repairs or supplies FIRST; supplies are not free for the school.

      7. All HEMS rules & policies apply to this classroom.  Your behavior outside of band affects your participation in band.