• Mr. Arndt's Classroom Procedures

    Each student will be expected to:
    1. Be Prepared for Class: Bring a pen/pencil, Social Studies Notebook, a folder with any notes or handouts.
    2. Cooperate With Others: Respect each other's opinions. Don't talk when other students are talking. Respect each other's personal belongings and Mr. Arndt's belongings.
    3. Use Kind Words and Actions: No foul language will be tolerated.  Students should remain seated at all times unless I give permission to move. Don't throw any items across the classroom or at other students.
    4. Complete assignments and turn them in on time!  Any late assignments will be accepted for half credit until the end of the marking period.
    5. Do not eat, drink, or chew gum in the classroom.
    6. Follow school procedures set forth in your planner.
    7. Remain seated at all times unless permission is granted to move.

     For additional information about the course, please see the syllabus below:

    2023-2024 Course Syllabus

    2023-2024 Course Syllabus (Spanish)