• Vocabulary

    Monday, October 23rd

    Today, we started a new unit - The Interwar Period.  I gave you a new vocab list for this unit containing 25 key terms.  You had class time today to define these terms in your notes.  

    Homework: Finish Vocab if not done in class

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  • India's Struggle for Independence

    Tuesday, October 24th

    Today, I gave each of you a worksheet for India and a reading packet.  You were to complete the worksheet in class using the reading packet.   You learned that India was under imperialism and was now moving toward becoming independent.  You learned about Monhandas Gandhi, who led the Salt March in India and encouraged non-violent protests by using civil disobedience. 

    Reading Packet

    Homework: Finish Worksheet if not done in class

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  • China's Drive for Modernization

    Wednesday, October 25th 

    Today, you were given a worksheet about China to complete using the same packet from yesterday.  You learned that China was also under the influence of imperialism.  Japan controlled eastern China and the northeastern province of Manchuria.  Mao Zedong led the Long March, which was over 6,000 miles and lasted over 1 year.   

    Reading Packet

    Homework: Finish worksheet if not done in class

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  • India & China Worksheets Key

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  • Stock Market Project

    Monday, October 30th

    Today we started a new project focusing on the Interwar Period between World War I & World War II.  The project is centered around the Stock Market because it was during this time period that the Stock Market Crashed (we will be learning about the American & World Depressions next week).  In this project, you will choose 3 corporations to fictiously invest $10,000 in.  You will then track the progress of your stocks for 6 weeks.  Today, you choose those 3 corporations to invest in after we did an example together in class.

    Homework: Finish filling out the Corporation Research Worksheet

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  • Stock Purchase Report

    Tuesday, October 31st

    Today we completed the Stock Purchase Report Worksheet in your Stock Market Packets that I gave out yesterday.  Using the current selling price you recorded yesterday on the Corporation Research Worksheet, you were able to "buy in" to the three corporations that you researched.  We did a few examples in class of how to purchase shares of a corporation and then you had the remaining time to complete the process. 

    Homework: Finish Stock Purchase Report Worksheet if not done in class

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  • The Middle East & Africa

    Wednesday, November 1st  

    Today we learned about 2 other examples of imperialism following the war: the Middle East & Africa.  We learned that just like India and China, people in the Middle East and Africa started to push for independence due to a rise in nationalism.  Parts of the Ottoman Empire were divided up into Greece and other small nations and Turkey & Iran were formed as well.  All of Africa, with the exception of Ethiopia and Liberia, was controlled by Europe.  The people of Africa protested for independence, which resulted in violence and the death of some.

    Homework: None

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  • The American Depression

    Monday, November 6th 

    Today we focused on the United States and The Great Depression.  You learned about the main causes of The Great Depression: increased interest rates, decreased output/capital spending, stock market crash, and bank panics.  You also learned about the Federal Reserve's involvement and what action they took to help our economy: deposit insurance and increased reserve requirements.

    Homework: None

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  • Worldwide Depression

    Tuesday, November 7th

    Today we applied what we knew about the American Depression and saw how it impacted the rest of the world.  Specifically, we looked at Great Britain, France, and Germany and the similar factors between their depressions and ours.  In Germany, hyperinflation made money so worthless people burned it up in stoves to heat their homes!

    Homework: None

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  • Japanese Imperialism

    Thursday, November 9th

    Today we focused on Japan and the changes the country went through in the early 20th century.  We also learned Japan was very interested in Korea.  The Japanese also sent diplomats to Europe and North America to study modern societies.  The Japanese adopted the American system of education and also admired Germany's strong central government.  I gave each of you a worksheet to fill in using the reading packet I handed out.  You had the entire class period to work on this worksheet. 

    Japanese Imperialism Reading Packet

    Homework: Finish Worksheet if not done in class

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  • Quiz Review

    Monday, November 13th

    Today we played a Family Feud style review game for tomorrow's quiz.  The winning team will receive 5 bonus points on their quiz!  There is also a link for a Blooket review in Teams. 

    Homework: Study for Quiz!

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  • Japanese Imperialism Worksheet Key

    Monday, November 21st

    Today we reviewed your Japanese Imperialism worksheet from last week.  The answer key is attached.  Be sure to check your answers as this will be on the next test.

    Homework: None

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  • European Dictators: Stalin & Mussolini

    Thursday, November 16th

    Today we started to learn about the rise of dictators in Europe after World War I.  We specifically focused on Joseph Stalin and Benito Mussolini.  We read biographies of both men aloud in class.  Using what you learned from them, you were able to fill out a Venn Diagram.  Some things that you picked out were:

    Stalin - Communist, Modernized economy with 5 year plans, Violent person, Killed Opponents

    Mussolini - Socialist at first, then fascist, Forced the King to appoint him Prime Minister, Violent person, Rigged Elections

    Stalin & Mussolini - Totalitarians, Had ways to stay in power, violence, and used Propaganda.

    We also watched a short video clip about Mussolini.

    Homework: None

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  • Stalin Biography

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  • Mussolini Biography

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  • Stalin Documentary

    Friday, November 17th - Monday, November 20th

    Today, we watched a History Channel documentary on Stalin called "Joseph Stalin: The Real History."  I gave you a worksheet to fill in as you watched.  Many of the things in the first part of the documentary you learned yesterday through reading Stalin's biography and filling in your Venn diagram.  The other parts gave information on the rest of his life before, during, and after World War II.

    11/17 Class Recording

    11/20 Class Recording

    Homework: Video Worksheet (if not finished in class)

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  • European Dictators: Hitler

    Wednesday, November 29th

    Today we continued learning about the rise of dictators in Europe after World War I.  Specifically, we focused on Adolf Hitler.  Most of you were already familiar with Hitler in some way.  We watched a short video clip about him before you filled in your Venn Diagram.  Some things you picked out about him: Socialist, Attempted to overthrow the Weinmar Republic in 1923, Anti-Semitic, Arrested, and Intimidated his opponents.

    Hitler & Stalin: Both were supported by the people of their countries, had ways to "get rid" of their opponents, and Youth Organizations.

    Hitler & Mussolini: Propaganda 

    Hitler, Stalin, & Mussolini: TOTALITARIANISM!

    Homework: Test Tues. 12/5

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  • Stock Market Media Research

    Thursday, November 30th

    Today you had time in class to complete the Media Research component of your Stock Market Projects.  As described on the checklist on the last page of your packet, this component involves finding a news article that relates to one of your three corporations.  After reading the article, you are to write a paragraph summary and then a second paragraph explaining the effect of the news on the stock's performance.  This page will be stapled to the back of your packet before you turn it in next week.

    Homework: None

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  • Test Review Day

    Monday, December 4th

    Today we played a Blooket review game to prepare for your test tomorrow.  Each participant (winning and losing) will receive some bonus points on your tests.   Attached is a copy of the review sheet.  There is also a link to play the Booket again in Teams that you can use to study.

    Homework: Study for test!

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  • Stock Market Project Week 6 & Line Graph

    Friday, December 8th

    Today you checked your stocks for the final time.  After I checked your packets, you created a Line Graph to create a visual representation of your stock's performance over the past 6 weeks.  Using your weekly checkpoint sheet, you were to plot the data points on the graph provided and then connect the lines.  Each stock's line was to be drawn with a different color. Finally, a color key for your graph should be added at the bottom.

    Homework: None

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  • Stock Sales Report

    Monday, December 11th

    Today you completed the stock sales report worksheet in class to determine if you gained a profit or suffered a loss over the last six weeks. You were to use your week 6 closing price as your selling price and sell off your original number of shares. 

    Homework: Stock Market Project due Friday

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