• Classroom Procedures

    Students are expected to be prepared for class daily: 

           *text book, notebook, sharpened pencil, homework, and folder




    Students are required to keep a neat notebook for each subject (Reading, English, Spelling, Handwriting)

           *Each subject needs their own notebook, so that content is kept neat and is easy to find when needed.


    Notebooks must contain subject matter only. (Nothing from other subjects)
    Notes, definitions and questions are given for each lesson and chapter. Sometimes, I allow open notebook quizes or tests, so make sure you are keeping up with our notes every day!


    If a student is absent, it is their responsibility to make up any work missed.

           *Call a friend to find out what you missed or have someone pick up your books.


    There will be unannounced notebook checks that will count as a quiz grade. Notebooks must contain all work and be neat and organized.