class rules

Classroom Rules and Expectations

  • Classroom Rules


    1. You must bring your books, folders, homework, and pencils to class each day.


    1. Treat every person in the class with respect at all times.


    1. Never interrupt the teacher when she is talking to someone else unless you are sick or there is an emergency.


    1. Find something to do when you are finished with your work like silent reading or writing. 


    1. Do not get out of your seat during class without permission.Pencils should be sharpened before the class bell rings. 


    1. Only one person speaks at one time and if the teacher is talking, all others are listening.


    1. Never take or touch someone else’s belongings.


    1. All assignments are due the next school day unless you were told otherwise.


    1. You are responsible for your work.


    1. Please follow the dress code and all the rules of the school.