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    About Our Classroom

    Dear Parents and Guardians,

         As we begin this new school year together, I would like to welcome you into our classroom family.  My goals for the year are quite simple, yet very important in creating life-long learners.  With your help, I aim to build FLUENCY in Reading and Math, create caring and healthy FRIENDSHIPS among the students, and most of all have FUN!  

    Listed below are a few brief descriptions to help guide you and your child throughout the school year.


    Class Specials:







    Reading/Language Arts: 

         The Reading anthology consists of six themed units.  Each unit is comprised of reading selections that focus on a different literary genre,  vocabulary, comprehension skills, spelling words, grammar use, and an essential question.  Comprehension, vocabulary, and skill assessments will be given after each story.   Advance notice for all of these assessments will be given, so it is a good idea to reread and review ahead of time.

         The main purpose of the anthology is to allow for practiced, guided, and reviewed reading development.  However, there will be times when students will be required to read "cold passages."  These opportunities will provide the students with exposure and preparation for the PSSA in the third grade.  Cold passages are often more difficult for students.  They require students to apply and use their skill sets independently.  Please encourage and support this growth.  It is critical for life-long literacy.  


         Writing practice plays a vital role in developing language and grammar skills.  Writing is the reader's way of conveying what they understand and how it relates to them, the text, and the world.  Throughout the school year, students will be responding to different types of writing, such as narrative, informational, and opinion-based. These assignments will be related to the reading passages covered in class.  


         Spelling words will be given to the students every other Monday and a spelling test will follow on that Friday unless otherwise announced.      


         English instruction will correlate with the current reading selection.    A grammar packet, as well as, various practice pages, review games, and foldables will be used to insure maximum understanding.  These materials can be used as a review for the English assessments to follow.


         Students will get to practice their manuscript and cursive writing on a daily basis.     


         A math test will be given after each chapter.  The chapter review is a great tool to study and review.  Math quizzes will be given throughout the chapter to reinforce skill development.  


         A school planner will be provided at the beginning of the year, and will be used to communicate the week's homework.  The planner is to be taken home every night.  Please review the contents of the planner, check for completion of the requested work and return it to school the next day.   Creating this daily routine is very important in building independent learners.  Your support in signing your child's planner will help to build responsible and trusting students.


         Dismissal is a very intense time of day.  The main office requires that the classroom teacher be notified of any changes to the way your child goes home.  Please send a  note if your child is going to have a change in dismissal procedure.  If the teacher or the school office is not notified of any changes, your child will be expected to ride his or her bus as usual.  If your child is parent pickup for the entire school year, please send me a note so it can be kept on file.


          The students will have a short morning snack.  Please provide your child with a daily healthy snack.  The students will be allowed to go to the water fountain for a drink, however you may send in a small juice box or small bottle of water. 

    Party Invitations:

         Invitations may be handed out in the classroom, as long as all students are invited.  Please contact me if other arrangements need to be made.

    Absent work:

         If your child is absent from school, the work that was missed will be organized accordingly.   At the end of the day, the missed assignments will be placed on the homework table unless you notify me of another arrangement.  If your child is absent for a few days, the assignments do not have to be completed in one night.  Additional time will always be provided to ensure accurate completion.