• Classroom Procedures 


    • Students are required to have ONE folder per subject.  I will do my best to provide a folder if your child does not have one.
    • Students are required to bring their laptop, charger, and case every day to allow the use of technology. They should bring them home every night.


    • Will be utilizing Imagine Learning and Freckle for approximately 20 minutes each day.
    • We have "PDN's" for the first 10 minutes of class which help focus and bring attention to the lesson.
    • The lesson will be taught in a variety of ways based on the topic and objective.
    • CNN 10 may be utilized for current events and how it can be implemented in English and Reading Class.


    • The pencil is the only acceptable writing tool to be used in the classroom. 
    • The use of lead pencils is allowed if the lead is not replaceable. 
    • Pencil sharpeners are not allowed.
    • Students may bring markers, crayons, or colored pencils for use during art or when needed in the classroom. 


    • Homework will be assigned a few times per week. 
    • Parents are asked to help their child with homework or review it with them when completed. 
    • No assignments will be given for homework that we did not first review in class. 
    • Homework is expected to be returned the day it is due. 
    • In the event of illness, homework should be completed upon the student's return. 
    • If not, the child will receive a 0%. This is to instill responsibility and accountability in the child.
    • Each child has been given a planner to record their homework assignments. 
    • Planners must be used to formulate a good habit of writing assignments for many years to come, even a lifetime. They are also used as their bathroom pass from class to class during the day.