• Hazleton Area School District's 
    Grading System for all classes:
     A = 93 - 100
    B = 85 - 92
    C = 77 - 84
    D = 70 - 76 
    F = Below 70 
    *Grading Policy*
    25% - Homework
    25% - Assignments/Classwork
    25% - Quiz's 
    25% - Tests/Projects
    The Homework Policy in my classroom is very simple.  It is due the day it was assigned.  If the student does not have the assignment in class at the time it is due, a "0%" will be put in Skyward.  The student then has a one day grace period to bring back the assignment and receive half credit.  If the student does not show the late assignment withing the one day grace period, a "0%" will remain for the grade.

    How will my child be assessed in English and Reading?
    We will cover the following units this year:
    -Our reading curriculum is designed using developmental comprehension strategies.
    -The objectives of this course are to increase Text Dependent Analysis, literary terms, comprehension, test-taking skills, fluency, and vocabulary.
    -Students will also develop an awareness of different types of text. Literature studied will cover the forms of non-fiction, fiction, persuasive, and informational text.
    -Also included are poetry, drama, short story, essay, and novels.
    -The Imagine Learning Program and Pennsylvania Core Standards are used in preparation for the PSSAs.
    -There will be two tests with each unit in Reading (Anthology - 13 questions) and (Skills - 20 questions and written response).
    -Scores from Classwork, Homework, Quizzes, Tests and Projects will count toward their quarterly grade.



    Materials needed for ALL of my classes:
    -Pencils/Pens, 2” Binder, Notebook, and a Folder.
    *Tissues, Hand Sanitizer and Clorox Wipes/Spray are always appreciated.*