• Virtual Learning EXPECTATIONS 

    • Be on time
    • Mute yourself at all times
    • If you choose to enable your camera, dress appropriately.
    • If you have a question use the chat or "raise your hand" button.
    • When called on to speak; speak loud and clear and use school appropriate language
    • Respect yourself and others at all time
    • Do YOUR best work

    *You will be removed from the meeting if you cannot follow the above expectations.


    Face to Face PROCEDURES

    • Students will be working on a "Please Do Now" open-ended problem at the beginning of each class
    • All lessons are to be completed as assignments.
    • Follow oral and written directions.
    • Students are expected to act orderly and observe classroom and school rules.
    • Written seatwork should be neat, organized, and completed in pencil.
    • Students dismissed for any reason are responsible for the class work and homework missed.