• Classroom Procedures for
    Mrs. Sands

    astrick7th and 8th Grade Language Arts

    1. The textbooks for this class will be 7th grade - Writer's Choice text book and 8th grade - Literature textbook and Writer's Choice textbook. A pencil/pen, notebook, the school agenda, and their Pawsitivity card should be brought to class everyday.

    2. Students should bring a silent reading book to class for SSR (Sustained Silent Reading).
    3. A daily analogy will be on the board. It is each students' responsibility to answer and put the completed analogy in their notebooks. At the beginning of every class the analogy will be discussed/reviewed. Students' notebooks will be checked  periodically for daily analogies, and they will also receive a test on them approximately 2 times per quarter.
    4. Each lesson that is taught will be modeled for the students. We will review as a class, and then they will work independently/small groups or with guided practice. Students will be given the opportunity throughout class to ask questions. Individualized instruction will be provided as needed.

    5. Assignments will be given  throughout the week and will be checked at the beginning of each class. It is the students' responsibility to make up any missed work.

    * Assignments the day they are due = 100%, later that day = 93%, 1 day late = 85%,
    2 days late = 77%, 3 days late = 70%, 4 days late = 60% , and 5 days late = 50%. No late assignments accepted after 1 week.